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2,000 spiders removed from Florida lanai


A local home here in Collier/Lee County was infested with thousands of spiders, preventing the occupants from enjoying their beautiful 2-story, 1800 square foot pool lanai.


Southwest Florida is the perfect breeding ground for spiders, including the dangerous Black Widow, Brown Widow and Brown Recluse spiders, all with bites that can cause very serious skin damage!


Removing spiders yourself can be risky business. Most spiders will defend their web which harbors their young. Just touching their web will cause them to drop from above to attack the intruder. Simply knocking the webs down with dusters or pressure washers serves no purpose, as it only brings the threat down to your level, eventually allowing them to return and re-spin their webs. Spraying insecticides strong enough to kill spiders is also extremely harmful to your health and does not address the fact that all of the spider webs still remain!


The answer for this Florida couple was Water-LESS Lanai Cleaning.


Using customized vacuum equipment, they safely extracted and disposed of the spiders and their webs without the use of harmful pesticides. Vacuuming spiders away is a clean and very efficient process that eliminates the threat of harmful spiders remaining in your lanai.


Water-LESS Lanai Cleaning specializes in spider and cobweb removal for lanais on any level, 1st floor or 20th.


They also offer Water-LESS screen cleaning in multi-level condos where the un-neighborly act of cleaning lanai screens with water is usually prohibited.

Anyone wanting to reduce the threat of spiders on their lanai can reach Water-LESS Lanai Cleaning at
239-776-0843 or visit their website at

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